Positive Habits Checklist

As I mentioned before in another post. Building positive/healthy habits is important for our well-being. To keep up with these habits. I created my own list of habits I like to maintain.I just wanted to talk about my positive habits checklist I like to refer to daily to keep me in check with my habits. I like to list the positive/healthy habits I like to do on paper.

This list helps motivate myself to keep working on these habits. It shows what I have been maintaining. It also shows which ones I need to work, or improve on. Having the visual of the habits on paper helps keep me on track.

The list really helps me to continue working on these habits, and pushes me to improve on the ones I don’t do often. I usually like to go through the list, and put a check mark on the ones I did. The ones I don’t check shows me what I have to work on, and I try to put my focus on working on those habits.

It also gives you a visual of what habits are easier, and what are most difficult for you. For me, yoga, healthy eating, and drinking water are the easiest, while meditation, and reading are the most difficult. It shows what habits I have been able to integrate into my daily life, and what habits I need to learn to integrate into my life. It is nice to have this visual handy.

I like to look at the list in the morning and evening. I check in the morning to see what is unchecked, and work towards those habits. In the evening I put a check mark on all the habits I have done. This shows me what I need to work on the next day, or during that week.

The reason I am discussing this is because positive/healthy habits can be difficult to maintain for most. Writing a checklist can be a helpful to keep one on track. It helps keep you focused on your goals. It keeps you on task. It gives you accountability. If you like to start building healthy/positive habits. Making a checklist can be a start. This can give you the awareness you need to start the progress.

I usually just write my list on a piece of paper, but if you like to do something more creative with your list if you are a creative individual, than go ahead. I am pretty simple. Whatever can help push you to work towards a healthier, more positive lifestyle is all that matters.

Below is my list of habits I try to maintain. I have added a couple more to my list recently. These habits have been very beneficial for me on my mindfulness journey. There a lot more positive/healthy habits out there. It is about what you would like to work on. We are all different. Just find what habits are best for you towards your growth, and well-being.IMAG0166



A Day of Mindfulness,Productivity & Adventure

This post isn’t about anything specific. I usually have a theme to my post, or an idea. I thought I discuss my day yesterday. It was quite a lovely day yesterday. The reason for the lovely day was I decided to use that day to be mindful, productive, and adventurous.

I spent my Friday off from work at home on my computer most of the day. I decided I didn’t want to do that again the next day. I planned for a more mindful day. I would stay off the computer, and live in the moment.

I started my day by being productive, I went to the gym. Did some grocery shopping. I normally do this on Saturdays, so this was nothing new. I went home had some breakfast. I did some more productive things, like clean the kitchen, and then I organized my room, which need some much needed attention. My room looks so much better. I feel so much better seeing how more organized, and clean my room looks. There was a nice sense of accomplishment when I did this.

After that I decided to be mindful. I did some writing, journaling, reflecting, and some meditation. I have to say that was my best meditation session I had in awhile. I felt so peaceful and relaxed afterwards. I finally gave myself the time I needed to get a good session in. Giving yourself the space, and time to do it can be helpful.

After that, I was ready to go on my adventure. I decided to go hiking at a place I enjoy. It was a beautiful day, sunny, and blue skies. It wasn’t too hot, or cold. A great day to be out. It was an enjoyable hike. It had nice scenery, and it was also a nice workout with the hills it had. It was nice to sit and look at the scenery, and hear the sounds of nature. It was quite beautiful.

Once I was finished with my hike, and got home. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. I was happy to just enjoy life, and live. It was nice to just focus on myself, live life, and enjoy the present moment. I felt such calm, ease, and peace after the wonderful day I had.

The day inspired me to write this post, because I felt moments like these should be shared. Days like these are what life is all about. The simple things like these can bring so much joy, and peace to your life. I say we should all try a day of mindfulness, productivity, and adventure every once in awhile. Peace, inspiration, motivation, joy, happiness can all cultivate from doing this.

Below are some lovely photos from my adventure.


I am going through a change in my life right now. This change has inspired me to write the post below. This may be something I like to remind myself. Hopefully this helps you in any way.

Change can be uncomfortable. It is comforting doing things you are used to. Growth can only be obtained by change, something new, or different. It can get boring doing the same thing.

Challenging yourself can be interesting and exciting. Not knowing what to expect can be nerve-wrecking, but doing something new can help improve yourself, and your life.

Try not to fight change, or avoid it. We must learn to embrace it, so we can grow. It may be difficult at first, but it will be beneficial in the long run. We must try to think of the long-term effects when it comes to searching for a better way of living.

Change, growth, evolving is an important, and much needed part of life.

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Image result for change quotes images

Finding Balance

With anything in life there needs to be balance. In this post, what I am referring to is the balance of production and consumption. Production is anything productive, creative, skill-based one does with their time. Consumption is anything we consume( books, informative material, entertainment).

I think both are essential in our daily lives. Too much of either can be detrimental to our well-being. I tend to feel bored, lazy, and unaccomplished if I consume too much. I also feel drained, exhausted, and burned out if I am too productive. You also don’t get to enjoy the wonders of life.

This is why having a day of production and consumption can be helpful. You need both to help you grow, learn, challenge yourself, but also remembering that life is short, and we should try to enjoy the things we love in life.

You can go and have a day of production and consumption. The one thing you should learn is to balance the two. Trying not to overindulge in one or the other. Your mind and body will appreciate the balance.

When I am home I like to mix both things. Do some productive things, like write, clean, organize, create content I like. I also throw in some consumption by watching kpop videos, informative videos, read books, or watch some hulu. It is nice to mix things around. It keeps things much more interesting, so that you don’t feel lazy, or drained. Finding the best of both worlds is key.

There is accomplishment in being productive, and there is joy in consuming. You don’t have to choose one, or the other. Doing things that helps you grow is rewarding. It is also nice to just relax the mind with enjoyable content/entertainment. It is all about finding balance.

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Quote Thursday


It is always interesting what thoughts come to mind when I see inspirational/motivational quotes. My thoughts from this one.

Immerse in the silence and be mindful. There are great lessons learned in silence. Reflection, insight, clarity, and knowledge can be gained from silence. Try not to be afraid of it, embrace it instead.

Now think about what this quote brings to mind from your stand point?

Lessons Learned

When something bad happens don’t think why me? Tell yourself what are you trying to teach me? What can I learn from this? I saw a quote similar to this, and it really resonated with me.

This is something I tell myself, or try to tell myself whenever a struggle, or difficulty happens in my life. Wallowing in self-pity, blaming oneself, others, or the world just brings more negativity.

You can learn to flip it around, and reframe your thoughts about the situation to a place where you can get something beneficial out of the situation. At the moment it may be difficult to see it, but eventually it will become clear.

Learning to take a step back, letting the frustration and anger go. Learning to think what can this teach me?, and how can I grow from this? This can promote a healthy and positive mindset, and can help you move through this low point in life to a place of peace and content.

Remember struggles, and challenges in life will happen. There is no avoiding, as much as one may like. It is all about how to handle the situation. Acknowledgement that it will happen can help you cope with it better. It is also important to remember that this low point won’t last forever. It is just a part of your journey through life.

I am believer that we are here on earth to learn, experience, and yes struggle amongst the beauty of this world. The ying and the yang. The good and the bad. We must take it all. So learning not to ask why questions, instead asking how can this help me become a better and stronger individual can do wonders for your journey to a peaceful and content life.

I won’t say difficult times/struggles are easy. Yes, it does suck at the moment. It isn’t enjoyable. But having a healthy mindset about the situation can help you move through this difficult part in life much more smoothly and quickly.

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Image result for struggles quotes

Find Contentment

Content is a state of satisfaction. In Hinduism it is called Santosha. I am discussing this topic, because I believe this is what we should strive for in life.

Happiness is a wonderful feeling. We all strive for happiness. Although happiness is great. It should not be the end goal. I used to believe that we should look for happiness, but I learned like many emotions. The feelings of happiness come and go.

Content is what we should look for. This feeling is much more consistent, and obtainable. Like I mentioned it is all about satisfaction in your life, and your self. Acceptance of the good and bad, the mistakes, challenges, and struggles. It is knowing that you, and life aren’t always going to be perfect.

Happiness only looks at the positive. It is more idealistic. It is less stable and consistent. There are expectations that are attached to happiness. This can lead to misery and disappointment when we don’t achieve what we think can make us happy. Even if you do achieve it. You most likely won’t be happy for long, because happiness isn’t consistent.

Content is learning to be satisfied with what you have, who you are, and where you are going. There are no expectations. There are no high standards. It is just learning to be.

I am not saying don’t strive to be happy, or have goals, or strive for anything in general. I just think it shouldn’t be the end goal. Learning to ride the wave of life brings much more peace to your life.

We must remember we will not always be happy. If you think you must be happy all the time. It can make you feel guilt, or you may hate yourself, and your life for not feeling that way.

We must learn it is okay not to be happy sometimes. That is why happiness shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Finding contentment is where you will find peace with yourself and your life. So we should think lets be content, instead of being happy. We may even learn to appreciate the happiness a bit more this way.

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Image result for contentment quotes