Wind Down Time

We all need a little wind down time. After a day of work, or after a busy day, or after doing anything physically, or mentally draining. It is good to take a moment to relax the mind, and body, and just sit still.

Sitting still is quite an arduous task. Humans struggle to stay still. We want to keep busy, distract ourselves. But this can be exhausting for our minds, and bodies. It is nice feeling to just sit still, and relax. It could only be for a couple of minutes. Just that bit of time can be good for you. Our minds and body need this time.

We owe our minds and bodies this relaxation time. It could be helpful to keep us at peace. It is about self-control, and training our mind, and body to be still, and relax. Your body, and mind have been running around all day. It is time to relax.

You can try by sitting in a comfortable place in your house. Just sit, and breathe. Relax the body, and allow the mind to flow, with no judgments. Let thoughts flow from the day. Try not to let anything linger. You can even have a timer set, so you don’t have to do it for long. If you have other things you want to get done. That bit of time can be helpful.

If just sitting is too difficult, which it can be. You can focus on something in your surroundings, look around. If you have a window. You can look at the scenery outside. You can also start doing some mindful writing. I am always able to think of ideas and creative stuff when I do this wind down exercise.

This is all about giving your mind and body that time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate itself. Times like these can help us learn about ourselves, answer questions, and cultivate creative ideas. So why wouldn’t we want this down time? We should all try to give ourselves this time. It can be helpful for our peace of mind. We don’t want to drain ourselves, or exhaust ourselves too much. Give yourself a break. We deserve a little wind down time.

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Image result for relaxing mind and body quotes


Ways to Calm the Mind

A calm mind, peace of mind, and contentment are state of minds that we should all try to achieve. Life is a roller coaster, so we have to find ways to combat the many challenges it can bring. I just like to list some of the things one can do to maintain a calm mind in this unpredictable world we live in. It always good to take some time to try some of these things.

  • Listen to soothing music
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Journal
  • Be productive
  • Take a walk outside
  • Declutter
  • Clean
  • Focus on self
  • Stay of/Limit SNS
  • Allow thoughts to flow

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Image result for calming the mind


Random Mindfulness Thought

I really think it can be beneficial to write down little post it notes, and reminders to help keep on track. They can be positive reminders, motivational/Inspirational quotes/statements, goals, challenges, or thoughts you want to remember.

It is hard to stay on the mindfulness track constantly, and one can get lost, but having these reminders can be very helpful. Having it visually in front of you has a better effect, than just saying these thoughts in your mind. You can post it, or put it up somewhere, or have it near you where ever you are, so you have the reminder on hand if you feel you are getting off track, or you just need a reminder.

I feel it has helped me keep my focus now that I have used these reminders. When you get off track, are distracted, feeling down, or feeling anxious. It is nice to have these reminders around to put things back in perspective.

Keys To Finding Success

We all have something we like to achieve in life, but thinking about it won’t make it happen. Now it does all start with the thought. There is even a mindfulness visualization exercise where you visualize what you want to happen in life, what it is, what is happening, what you are doing, even visualizing what your sensations, and feelings are. You can also add dialogue to it, and think about the positive changes it made.

Visualizing can be a powerful tool to get you on your way to success. Making it as realistic as possible can be a huge motivational factor. Now success isn’t everything, but being able to achieve, and accomplish the goals you like for yourself is very satisfying. This could bring much content into your life. We all want to be able to proud of the work we do.

So what are the things one can do to find success. Here are a couple of things I found that have been important to people’s success:

  • Perseverance/Dedication
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Willing to get out of comfort zone
  • Willing to fail
  • Willing to put yourself out there
  • See it as a marathon, not sprint
  • Keep focusing on the end goal
  • Take chances
  • Make changes

These all don’t seem very easy, some can be quite difficult for some people. I find some of these difficult myself. But that is just how life works. You have to work harder for the things we want in life. You can choose comfort and safety, but that doesn’t always leave us feeling content and satisfied.

Now, I noticed one thing that was not mentioned, talent. You don’t necessarily have to have this quality to be successful. So if you are a talented individual. Try not to get down on yourself if you haven’t achieved what you would like, or haven’t got the recognition. It doesn’t mean you don’t have talent. It just takes more than that to get where you want to go.

You have to remember that everyone is talented in one, or the other, but there are many with similar talents as yours, so there has to be more that needs to be done to reach your goals. Telling yourself you are not talented, or good enough will just push you further from your goals, because you will not have the motivation to try the things that one needs to do to reach success.

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Image result for success quotes

Positive Exercise

Time for some positive thinking! I know, this is hard sometimes, but it is a good exercise to try to bring more positive vibes into your life. How you think affects your experiences, and your environment, so it is best to try to be a bit more positive, so you can enjoy life a bit more.

We get stuck on the negative mostly. I sometimes do this, but it would be nice to think about the positive things in our lives. Try making a list to refer to every now and then. This can help put things in perspective, and keep you motivated on focusing on the positive things in life.

Here are some positive things you can look at and list:

  • Positive things about self
  • Positive things about your life
  • Positive experiences in your life, including past
  • Positive people in your life
  • Positive objects
  • Positive changes
  • Positive improvements you made, or can make

Lets take a little bit out of our day to appreciate, and show gratitude for the positive things in our lives. We give negativity too much power and attention. Lets give positivity some love.

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Image result for positivity

Make Your Days Off Productive

Ah, our days off are wonderful aren’t they?, or maybe they are not, maybe they are too short, well they might be, but that could mean our days off are not being used wisely. The time off is our chance to be productive, and work on ourselves. We have the time, energy, and freedom to do so.

There are three ways to make use of your weekend. It can be spent doing nothing, lounging around, not really getting anything accomplish, maybe sleeping most of the time. This can be quite a downer on your mood, and energy. It may make you feel guilt and less accomplished.

It can also be spent being busy, getting a lot of things done, which can be overwhelming, exhausting, and create tension. Most people tend to these things on their days off. It would be nice to try some productivity, during those times.

Being productive doesn’t mean busy. Being busy is doing lots of stuff you may not want to do. Being productive is doing things that benefit oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and personally. It may also be things you enjoy doing. Doing this can make your days off much more enjoyable.

My days off consist of going to the gym, practicing yoga, working on my language skills, writing, reading, cleaning, and learning new things. I have had positive benefits from doing these activities, because it makes me feel I have done something useful with my time off. Days off are our time to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.

Our work days are spent on someone else’s time, some may have jobs they don’t really enjoy, and some work very hard during the week. We don’t really get time to ourselves, but our days off give us that time, so it is nice to use it for ourselves in whatever way we can.

Being productive makes the day more enjoyable, and exciting. It makes you feel more engaged and active in the things you are doing. It promotes creativity. It puts more focus on yourself, than others. It kills boredom. It makes you feel accomplished. Overall, it makes you feel good about yourself, and cultivates a more positive self-image. I also like that it can rejuvenate and energize oneself to start the new work week. I always feel refreshed, and ready to go for the new work week. Monday blues is no longer a problem for me. Your first day back doesn’t feel so bad anymore.

Some tasks may be difficult to start. Writing these blogs are tough for me at times, but I know once I finish I will feel good about finishing the task, because I know it is beneficial for me, and others. It may not be easy. It may be easier to be lazy, or do lots of mindless things, but the end result of a productive day off will bring much more joy to your life.

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